Live Drawing in Coppercat Video – MetalSome

Here’s me drawing decorative cats in an impromptu music video: “MetalSome” by Coppercat.

I’ll admit I had the easy part: Jeremy Richardson aka Coppercat is doing live audio production, solving 2 Rubik’s cubes, herding cats, and shooting the video footage.

I’m drawing spontaneously, in charcoal, which is good and messy, and allows for drawing high-contrast images quickly without a lot of pressure and repetition. In my decorative animal drawings, I like to incorporate deco styles from all over the world. This one has a celtic-florentine flavor: I particularly enjoyed detailing the knot-work in the cats’ tails!

Decorative Cats, by Laura Cesari, phase 1

Decorative Cats, by Laura Cesari, phase 2

Decorative Cats, by Laura Cesari, phase 3

Eclectix Gallery "For the Birds" collection

Yay!  I started a blog!

I’ll be posting new artwork, maybe some sketches, event announcements, and perhaps some random soliloquizing here and there.  Thanks for reading!

So, without further ado, my first announcement:

I am honored to be included in Eclectix Gallery‘s gorgeous spring collection, For the Birds!  It’s so cool seeing all the different ways that people interpret birds.  At first I hesitated about sending a pegasus image, but apparently the pegasus has been given honorary bird status: it’s featured in the collection along with the “hummingbird transit” image below, which is part of a brand-new series of inverted sketches, available as giclee prints.

Eclectix Gallery - "For the Birds" Collection

Eclectix Gallery – “For the Birds” Collection

Eclectix Gallery

Eclectix Gallery