Astronomy Beadwork at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

I’m very excited to report that the Solar System Bead Kit will be making an appearance at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center gift shop!

nasa logo

The Astronomy Beadwork series has already received positive reviews from NASA astronomers, and contributed to a NASA podcast; I’m happy to know I can contribute further, albeit in a very small way, to the future of Space and Flight research.

In addition to having an amazing facility where they make fantastic flying vessels, the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center also offers tours and educational programs.

Their vision is quite lovely:

“To fly what others only imagine.”

Solar System Necklace Kit by Chain of Being

Latitude & Longitude! Each bead is 50 miles…

After extensive cartography research, and several virtual trips around the world, I’ve created a Latitude & Longitude Necklace Series for Chain of Being depicting land, water, and cities along selected Latitudes of the globe. This series of necklaces and bracelets forms a wearable map, with each bead measuring roughly 50 miles / 80.5 kilometers.

45 degrees North Latitude Necklace - distance measured in Beads

Latitude 45 North Necklace - Distance measured in Beads

Each string of beads shows a “slice” of the world,
crossing through a diverse selection of terrain and civilizations.

Distances are roughly proportional,
with each bead representing approximately 50 miles / 80.5 kilometers
of Great Circle distance.

Water, Land, and Cities are marked on the necklace,
creating a wearable map:
a bare-bones geolocation device built with stone-age technology.*

northern hemisphere necklace series by Laura Cesari for Chain of Being

Northern Hemisphere Necklace Series - Distance measured in Beads - Latitudes 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75 North

Water is represented by shiny deep blue glass beads.

Land is a combination of frosted green glass,
in spring green and evergreen shades,
with natural stone beads marking the mountains
and changes in elevation.

Cities are marked with shiny dichroic glass beads:
this necklace includes densely-populated cities
on or near each Latitude.

A magnetic clasp snaps the necklace together at Longitude 180,
the International Date Line over the Pacific Ocean.

*Not for use in actual Land or Sea Navigation.

This necklace series was extremely fun to research: so easy to wander off and get lost in the details of maps, terrain, civilizations, and geographical information. Super thanks to Moses Wolfenstein, Ph.D. for advice & brainstorming on this project!