Atmospheric Strata Necklace featured on Craftzine

I’m having so much fun with the Solar System Necklace series; I’m now constantly inspired to build more necklaces about amazing natural phenomena! My latest exploration of science in beads is an ethereal multi-strand Atmospheric Strata Necklace.

Laura Cesari's Atmospheric Strata Necklace

The six-strand beaded Atmospheric Strata Necklace design demonstrates the Atmospheric Strata and various objects and phenomena that one might encounter in the Atmosphere, such as Clouds (shell), Meteors (garnet), Satellites (copper & hematite), and the Aurora Borealis (fluorite).

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Craftzine: Laura Cesari’s Atmospheric Strata Necklace

It is my hope that this design will inspire thoughts of the complex and delicate relationship between the Earth and Atmosphere.

The strands of the necklace encircle the wearer in the same order that the Atmospheric Strata surround the Earth; from the center of the necklace, you are given the perspective of Earth, seeing the Atmospheric Strata radiate outward into Space.

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Atmospheric Strata Necklace