Electric Sheep App for iPad

Fresh in the iTunes store! The Electric Sheep App for iPad.

Electric Sheep iPad App - Icons & Interface Design by Laura Cesari

Electric Sheep iPad App – Icons & Interface Design by Laura Cesari

Electric Sheep iPad App - Fractal Library Interface Design by Laura Cesari

Electric Sheep iPad App – Fractal Library Interface Design by Laura Cesari

A few months ago, I designed the icons and interface for the
Electric Sheep Android App.

For this new release for iPad, I was assigned to create a few new icons for the basic interface and sheep library, and icons demonstrating the hand motions that control the app. The hand motions were particularly interesting to design: there are so many hand-shaped icons out there these days, I wanted to make sure these were unique and easier to understand than the common hand icons you see everywhere.

Hand Gesture Icons - for Electric Sheep iPad App - Icon Design by Laura Cesari

Hand Gesture Icons for Electric Sheep iPad App – Variations (left) and Finished Icons (right) – Icon Design by Laura Cesari

I love working with the Electric Sheep project – after designing fractal animations for the project for many years, I was recruited as a graphic designer. Electric Sheep has exhibited in art galleries and festivals around the world, as well as the ambient space on your computer or device screen – I can’t wait to see where the project goes next!

Electric Sheep Fractal Project

Electric Sheep Fractal Project

Electric Sheep App for Android: Infitite Evolving Wallpaper

Announcing… the Electric Sheep App for Android!

I love designing icons – it is such a fun and fascinating challenge to create the tiny pictures that help people communicate with machines.

Icons and interface for Electric Sheep Android app, designed by Laura Cesari

Icons and interface for Electric Sheep Android app, designed by Laura Cesari

For this project, I was assigned to create the icons and interface for the Electric Sheep Android App, which sets up the beautiful fractal animations of Electric Sheep as an ever-changing abstract wallpaper. The cloud dashboard background and icon shapes are based on the Electric Sheep Logo I designed a few years back: I hoped to create a dreamy, fluffy-cloud-like appearance to the interface.

Sketches and Elements for Electric Sheep Android Interface, by Laura Cesari

Sketches and Elements for Electric Sheep Android Interface, by Laura Cesari

… “The official Electric Sheep application for Android! Infinite updating live wallpaper as well as interactive app, animations created by a cyborg mind consisting of 450,000 computers and software. The only wallpaper with animated and evolving Fractal Flames. Excellent for meditation, relaxation, and visual dreaming at any time.” …

Get the app here:
Electric Sheep Android App – Google Play

Electric Sheep App for Android

Electric Sheep App for Android

Check out this video for a preview:
Electric Sheep for Android – Video Demonstration

MiniVerse Solar System Bracelet on NPR’s Science Friday

Here’s a Valentine’s Day Equation for you:
02142012 + j = ♥ (Where j=jewels)

Annette Heist of National Public Radio’s Science Friday has collected a “treasure chest of sciencey jewels” perfect for your Valentine!

The “MiniVerse” Solar System Bracelet is featured, along with pieces inspired by chemistry, evolutionary theory, and more!

I’m so honored to see the MiniVerse included in this fantastic collection!

Read the article:
02142012 + j = ♥ (Where j=jewels)


Get the bracelet:
MiniVerse by Chain of Being

Electric Sheep at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Electric Sheep Generation 244 will be on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) from July 2011 through January 2012!


The show, “Expanded Abstraction” includes 6 different ambient animated visual works, presented by the Center for Visual Music, a nonprofit film archive dedicated to visual music, experimental animation and avant-garde media.


Here are a couple of stills from my animation work in Generation 244:

Weaving Light fractal animation by Laura Cesari of Electric Sheep
Weaving Light

So Many Galaxies - fractal animation by Laura Cesari for Electric Sheep
So Many Galaxies

I’ve been working with Electric Sheep for many years as a fractal designer, and also I designed their Sheep Logo. This short Documentary Video has a great interview with Electric Sheep creator Scott Draves, and includes a few samples from the collection as well.

Congrats to shepherds Scott Draves, Chris Ursitti, Coppercat, and everyone involved with Electric Sheep!

More info,about Electric Sheep Generation 244:
Video: Highlights of Electric Sheep Generation 244
Generation 244 Archive
Generation 244, organized by Artist (I’m listed under the handle “llamamama”)

More info about the show, from the Center for Visual Music site:

CVM is pleased to present Expanded Abstraction, a new 3-screen program at LA County Museum of Art through January 2012. On view evenings on three HD screens at the Renzo Piano-designed Stark Bar in LACMA’s central plaza.

Expanded Abstraction
A program from Center for Visual Music
Curated by Cindy Keefer
Featuring Scott Draves and The Electric Sheep’s Generation 244 (2010)
Robert Seidel, vellum: slices from a virtual sculpture (2009)
Christina McPhee, Bird of Paradise (2011)
Baerbel Neubauer, Water Ambiences (2011)
Charles Dockum, Mobilcolor Projector Performance (1969), a film in 3 movements reformatted for 3 screens.
Maura McDonnell, Silk Chroma, silent version (2010)

On view:
Mon, Th, Fri, Sat 8 – 11 pm
Tues, Thurs 9:30 – 11 pm
Daily 10:30am – noon (starting July 31)
Museum is closed Wednesday.

Program can be viewed from public seating in the central plaza (behind Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture), and in the Stark Bar. Museum admission not required.

Easy EL Wire Projects: ebook featuring Fire Skirt

Awesome do-it-yourself site Instructables has released a new ebook, Easy EL Wire Projects featuring my Fire Skirt design alongside a handful of other sweet do-it-yourself EL wire designs!

ebook on electroluminescent wire (EL wire) projects

I totally had fun making this tutorial, and I’m so pleased that Instructables has chosen to feature it! Thanks to editor Laura Khalil, aka zazenergy, for including Fire Skirt in the ebook!

Fire Skirt! Glow Dress, Electric Dress, Electronic Fashion, Laura Cesari

Fire Skirt! as seen in ELLE Argentina, ELLE DECOR Italia, and The Best of Instructables :)

The awesome photo is by Joel Crisp, and the lovely model on the left is Mary Elisa.

I created the original dress in 2001, mostly so I’d be visible at night-time parties, (ie. to avoid getting lost and prevent dangerous encounters with Art Cars at Burning Man Festival…), I showed the project at fashion shows and art shows for a few years, and then created the tutorial in 2007 so that others may also be fashionably illuminated at night events.

The Fire Skirt tutorial also earned a brief mention in Best of Instructables, Volume I, and I’m delighted to see they’ve also featured it on the Instructables homepage today! Thanks guys!


Live Drawing in Coppercat Video – MetalSome

Here’s me drawing decorative cats in an impromptu music video: “MetalSome” by Coppercat.

I’ll admit I had the easy part: Jeremy Richardson aka Coppercat is doing live audio production, solving 2 Rubik’s cubes, herding cats, and shooting the video footage.

I’m drawing spontaneously, in charcoal, which is good and messy, and allows for drawing high-contrast images quickly without a lot of pressure and repetition. In my decorative animal drawings, I like to incorporate deco styles from all over the world. This one has a celtic-florentine flavor: I particularly enjoyed detailing the knot-work in the cats’ tails!

Decorative Cats, by Laura Cesari, phase 1

Decorative Cats, by Laura Cesari, phase 2

Decorative Cats, by Laura Cesari, phase 3

Astronomy Beadwork at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

I’m very excited to report that the Solar System Bead Kit will be making an appearance at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center gift shop!

nasa logo

The Astronomy Beadwork series has already received positive reviews from NASA astronomers, and contributed to a NASA podcast; I’m happy to know I can contribute further, albeit in a very small way, to the future of Space and Flight research.

In addition to having an amazing facility where they make fantastic flying vessels, the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center also offers tours and educational programs.

Their vision is quite lovely:

“To fly what others only imagine.”

Solar System Necklace Kit by Chain of Being

Latitude & Longitude! Each bead is 50 miles…

After extensive cartography research, and several virtual trips around the world, I’ve created a Latitude & Longitude Necklace Series for Chain of Being depicting land, water, and cities along selected Latitudes of the globe. This series of necklaces and bracelets forms a wearable map, with each bead measuring roughly 50 miles / 80.5 kilometers.

45 degrees North Latitude Necklace - distance measured in Beads

Latitude 45 North Necklace - Distance measured in Beads

Each string of beads shows a “slice” of the world,
crossing through a diverse selection of terrain and civilizations.

Distances are roughly proportional,
with each bead representing approximately 50 miles / 80.5 kilometers
of Great Circle distance.

Water, Land, and Cities are marked on the necklace,
creating a wearable map:
a bare-bones geolocation device built with stone-age technology.*

northern hemisphere necklace series by Laura Cesari for Chain of Being

Northern Hemisphere Necklace Series - Distance measured in Beads - Latitudes 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75 North

Water is represented by shiny deep blue glass beads.

Land is a combination of frosted green glass,
in spring green and evergreen shades,
with natural stone beads marking the mountains
and changes in elevation.

Cities are marked with shiny dichroic glass beads:
this necklace includes densely-populated cities
on or near each Latitude.

A magnetic clasp snaps the necklace together at Longitude 180,
the International Date Line over the Pacific Ocean.

*Not for use in actual Land or Sea Navigation.

This necklace series was extremely fun to research: so easy to wander off and get lost in the details of maps, terrain, civilizations, and geographical information. Super thanks to Moses Wolfenstein, Ph.D. for advice & brainstorming on this project!